Cremation Services

Honor your loved one through a variety of personalized cremation services.

Carry On Their Memory with Unique Cremation Options.

Cremation services allow families to choose from a variety of options that are appropriate for them, providing both value and personalization.  Many families choose to honor a loved one’s life, journey, and memory through a customized funeral or memorial service, called ShareLife®. These celebratory experiences create an unforgettable remembrance event for family and friends in need of hope and healing.

In addition, families may desire to choose scattering options through Steele's “Settings with Significance.”  Family members choose a special resting place for their loved one’s remains that mirrors his or her unique passion in life. Options include:

·      Forever Amongst the Waves

·      Eternity at the Holy Land

·      A Living Remembrance Tree Planting

·      Reach for the Stars